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Multi-use Sideshift mulcher for Tractors - VOLPE-120


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Unpacking by Alberto
Unpacking by Alberto


Offset Verge Flail Mower for Tractors, 120cm / 180kg, +88° / -60° - DELEKS® VOLPE-120 - Internal Gearbox - Pto shaft CE included.


VOLPE-120 offset/inline light verge mower for use on 25-45HP compact tractors e.g New Holland Boomer 25-35, John Deere 2-3, Kubota, McCormick, Iseki, Yanmar, Lamborghini.

This mower can be hydraulic offset to the side and also angled for access to hard to reach areas. This requires 2 double acting spools on the tractor for the 4 hoses which then operate the left-right movement & the up-down tilt of the cutting head. This flail is ideal for cutting small twigs and branches (2-3cm) up to and around trees when used horizontally.

When tilted up or down the flail will cut slopes on verges or ditches. Finally it can be set up to cut vertically for the sides of lower hedgerows. 3 point linkage, Cat.1, 4 hydraulic pipes, Pto shaft 140cm CE included.


Frame entirely made with Swedish SSAB steel.

Rotor made with ARVEDI's tube, electronically balanced, 8mm thick S355 steel with hammers mounted on 6 rows instead of 4.

Hammers attachments HARDOX made.

SKF rotor bearings.

Gearbox P.T.O. 540 r.p.m. Lombarda Ingranaggi Srl with free-wheel (3 Years warranty).

Can be hydraulically angled vertically (88º) or down (60º).

Operates horizontally inline or offset for verge or paddock.

It cuts between trees easily making it ideal for work in orchards.

Internal Gearbox to work directly behind the tractor or right of the central axis.

The body is equipped with an internal curb which diverts the air flow towards the rotor for a mulching effect.

The internal positioning of the roller gives more efficiency and reduced execution times. The cutted grass passes over the roller without being crushed and is disposed of more quickly.

330g heat forged hammers to shred vegetation up to 2,0-3,0 cm thick.

3 High resistance toothed belts, and external belt tensioner.

Adjustable roller unit and side skids.



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Working width 1200.0 mm 3.94 ft
Overall width 1320.0 mm 4.33 ft
Min / Max cutting height 10.0 - 45.0 mm 0.4 - 1.77 in
Weight 180.0 kg 397.0 lb
Overall height 750.0 mm 2.46 ft
Tractor Power Range 25 - 45 Hp 25 - 45 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm) Cat. 1 (ø 19.0-22.0mm)
Position of the gearbox Internal Internal
Hood height 370.0 mm 14.5 in
Spacing between the 2 lower points 655.0 - 755.0 mm 25.78 - 29.73 in
Number of Hammers 18 18
Maximum cutting diameter 20.0 - 30.0 mm 0.78 - 1.18 in
Overall length 1550.0 mm (closed) 5.08 ft (closed)
Distance between pto attachment and ground 472.0 mm 18.6 in
Main hood thickness 3.0 mm 0.12 in
Sides thickness 5.0 mm 0.20 in
Side plates thickness 6.0 mm 0.23 in
Transmission: Drive method V-Belts V-Belts
Transmission: Gearbox Lombarda Ingranaggi Srl (Italy) (3 year warranty) Lombarda Ingranaggi Srl (Italy) (3 year warranty)
Transmission: PTO 540 r/min 540 r/min
Transmission: Rotation of gearbox Right side Right side
Transmission: Free wheel
Transmission: RPM Rotor speed 3150.0 rpm 3150.0 rpm
Transmission: Oil in the gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925 Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Transmission: Top pulley ø 206.0 mm 8.11 in
Transmission: Lower pulley ø 106.0 mm 4.17 in
Transmission: V-Belts quantity 3 3
Transmission: V-Belts size AX39 AX39
Rotor: diameter 102.0 mm 4.01 in
Rotor: bearings type and size SKF UCF-207 SKF UCF-207
Rotor: balancing Electronic Electronic
Rotor: sheet thickness 8.0 mm 0.31 in
Hammers: Weight 330.0 g 11.7 oz
Hammer: øhole 11.0 mm 0.43 in
Hammer: base width 80.0 mm 3.15 in
Hammer: top width 14.0 mm 0.55 in
Hammer: Diagonal 75.0 mm 2.95 in
Rear roller: diameter 102.0 mm 4.01 in
Rear roller: sheet thickness 4.5 mm 0.18 in
Rear roller: bearings type and size FL204 FL204
Displacement and Sizes See pictures See pictures
Hydraulic cylinder A diam. 50.0-25.0 mm 1.97 - 0.98 in
Hydraulic cylinder B diam. 60.0-30.0 mm 2.36 - 1.18 in
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 120 - 150 bar 120 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Hydraulic Hoses WP 400 Bar, 1/2" Agri Standard WP 400 Bar, 1/2" Agri Standard
Pto shaft CE 4x1400 mm CE 4x4.60 ft
Hood length 665.0 mm 26.20 in
Packing sizes 1350.0*850.0*700.0 mm 4.43*2.80*2.30 ft


SSAB Acciaio Svedese Laser 355C: Specifiche e Certificazione Download PDF
ARVEDI / TUBINDUSTRIA: Certificazione Download PDF

Technical charts

Shell Spirax S2 A 80W-90 Download PDF
Shell Gadus S2 V220AC 2 Download PDF
Download PDF
Download PDF


10 bolts nuts l
10 Bolts + nuts L
55.00(46.41 £)VAT excl.


10 hammers l
10 Hammers L
94.00(79.32 £)VAT excl.
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20 blades l
20 blades L
90.00(75.94 £)VAT excl.
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3 belts lince volpe
78.00(65.82 £)VAT excl.


spare pins cat 1 a
Spare pins Cat. 1 A
66.00(55.69 £)VAT excl.

ø 19.0/22.0 mm