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Heavy Hydraulic Bucket attachment for forklift, PRI-200-HM


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Field test
Field test


Heavy multiple use hydraulic bucket attachment 200cm/load 700kg - DELEKS®  - has been designed for forklifts up to 2.5 ton e.g. Still, Toyota, Linde, Jungheinrich, Mitsubishi, Cat, Clark, Komatsu, etc.


Ideal for warehouse work, the bucket can be used for removing a range of materials from the work place, or clearing debris from car parks, road sides etc. It is made from reinforced steel so can handle loading and transporting everything from sand to snow and Ice. It can also be used for digging, leveling, grading and dumping a variety of applications and materials. EC Conformity, 2 Year warranty.



Unlike using a grader blade to remove material, the PRI-200-HM can load, elevate and dump it into the back of trucks to avoid piling.

Light but efficient design especially for compact forklifts.

Thanks to the hydraulic tipping system, the box can be tilted to any angle, so it can be used as a shovel or for scattering material.

1.0 cm hardened steel base and side cutting edges provide excellent penetration and durability.

The lack of external attachments promotes the bucket fill for greater productivity as there are no addition edges that can catch.

DELEKS® innovative weight distribution design lifts the box for the middle rather than the rear decreasing stress placed on the box. It does not need to be lifted as high for goods to be tipped, simplifying the job and giving the box longevity.

Standard hydraulic cylinder + 2 hydraulic pipes 4,00m.

+ 30 to 50% increased load volume capacity with the addition of a rear panel and upper net.



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 2020.0 mm 6.63 ft
Weight 286.0 kg 631.0 lb
Overall height 880.0 mm 2.90 ft
Bucket Width 2000.0 mm 6.56 ft
Load capacity 700.0 Kg 1543.0 lb
Rated bucket Capacity 0.62 m3 24.40 in3
Cutting Edge Thickness 10.0 mm 0.40 in
Base Edge Thickness 6.0 mm 0.23 in
Bucket Height 520.0 mm 1.70 ft
Bucket Length 800.0 mm 2.62 ft
Overall Length 2150.0 mm 7.05 ft
Hydraulic Pipes (2) 4000.0 mm / WP-400 bar 157.5 in / WP-400 bar
Hydraulic cylinder ø 80.0/30.0 mm 3.15/1.18 in
Forklift 2.5 ton max 2.5 ton max
Attachment to Forklifts Universal Universal
Attachment sizes See pictures See pictures
Dumping Hydraulic Hydraulic
Tipping degrees 80° 80°
Min./Max. Relief Pressure 120 - 150 bar 120 - 150 bar
Min./Max. Flow 18 - 22 l/min 18 - 22 l/min
Packing sizes 2030.0*1100.0*1070.0 mm 6.66*3.60*3.51 ft


manual tipping pri 160 180 200 h
Manual tipping PRI-160/180/200-H
109.00(91.96 £)VAT excl.

PRI-160/180/200 H

rear prm 200 h
Rear PRM-200-H
204.00(172.11 £)VAT excl.

PRM-200 H

spare pins cat 1 2
Spare pins Cat. 1-2
59.00(49.78 £)VAT excl.

ø 19.0/22.0 + 25.0/28.0 mm

upper net prm 200 h
Upper Net PRM-200-H
208.00(175.49 £)VAT excl.

PRM-200 H