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Adjustable Stone Burier for tractors - DFU-140


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Field test
Field test


Adjustable Stone Burier DELEKS® - 135cm / 330kg - Rotovators with rear roller for tractors - Pto shaft CE included.


DFU-140 Stone burier for compact tractors 30-50hp e.g New Holland Boomer 30-40, John Deere 3-4 Series, Kubota L, Lamborghini, McCormick, Carraro, Goldoni, etc. The DFU-140 Stone-Burier is the perfect machine to prepare a smooth seed bed in any type of soil, including heavy soils and hard clay. It has been designed for greenhouse cultivation, preparing the soil for planting, flower beds and gardens. Single Speed Gearbox with 540 RPM PTO, Chain Side Drive. Delivered assembled (except 3 point linkage and rear roller) and greased, Gearbox filled with oil.



Stones are buried in one pass without having to return to the same row twice.

The three-point hitch (120mm) is moved manually by hand and does not require levers to operate.

Blades are hardened for maximum strength, durability and wear life in the toughest soil conditions.

Automatic chain tensioner.

Pto shaft CE included.

Adjustable rear roller.

CE Safety Guards.



Characteristic Units metric Units US
Overall width 1580.0 mm 5.18 ft
Weight 330.0 kg 728.0 lb
Overall height 900.0 mm 2.95 ft
Tractor Power Range 30 - 50 Hp 30 - 50 Hp
3 point linkage Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0mm) Cat. 1-2 (ø 19.0-22.0mm / 25.0-28.0mm)
Position of the gearbox Central Central
Spacing between the 2 lower points 580.0 - 830.0 mm 22.80 - 32.70 in
Overall length 1230.0 mm 4.0 ft
Rotor: diameter 64.0 mm 2.52 in
Rotor: sheet thickness 10.0 mm 0.40 in
Transmission Chain Chain
Effective Working width 1350.0 mm 4.43 ft
Working Depth Range 160.0-200.0 mm 6.30 - 7.87 in
Distance between pto attachment and base 470.0 mm 18.50 in
Pto shaft CE 6x800 + clutch ø180mm CE 6x800 + clutch ø180mm
Rotor: diameter with blades 415.0 mm 16.34 in
Rotor: bearings type and sizes "GB276-6306(R) GB276-6209(L)" "GB276-6306(R) GB276-6209(L)"
Rotor: flanges 8 8
Number of Blades per flange 4 4
Blades: quantity 28 28
Blades: height/width 170.0 / 65.0 mm 6.70 / 2.56 in
Blades: curve length 255.0 mm 10.04 in
Blades: distance between holes 45.0 mm 1.77 in
Blades: diameter of the holes 13.0 mm 0.51 in
Blades: thickness 6.0 mm 0.24 in
Gearbox Lombarda Ingranaggi 540 r/min (3 year warranty) Lombarda Ingranaggi 540 r/min (3 year warranty)
Effective Displacement 120.0 mm manual 4.73 in
Rotation of gearbox Right side Right side
RPM Rotor speed 216 rpm 216 rpm
Oil in the gearbox Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925 Yes / SAE 120 - ISO 72925
Blades: weight 770.0 g 27.20 oz
Packing sizes 1000.0*1650.0*900.0 mm 3.28*5.41*2.95 ft


10 blades dfu
10 blades DFU
122.00(103.76 £)VAT excl.

SB 5+5

20 bolts nuts blades
20 Bolts + nuts blades
56.00(47.63 £)VAT excl.


pto adapter rid1
98.00(83.35 £)VAT excl.

transmission chain dfu
Transmission Chain DFU
96.00(81.65 £)VAT excl.